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In this course, Premiere Pro CC Building on the Fundamentals, I will introduce you to various editing techniques and working with effects. Additionally you’ll review how to work with audio and color correct your footage. This course also introduces more advanced options like creating a multi-cam project as well as best practices for exporting your footage.

What you will do in this course:

Move clips on the timeline
Work with stills
Adjust speed and durations of clips
Adjust audio levels
Keyframe audio
Perform J&L cuts
Create a narration track
Work with motion effects
Apply filters
Work with masks
Animate effects
Chroma key
Color correct with different effects
Work with a multi-cam sequence
Export your work out

Requirements for this course:

Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2013) or later

Where to Buy:

This course is only available on Train Simple.  Click the link to check out pricing and instructions.

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