Buy Mobile Game Design in Adobe Flash Now!

Design a mobile game in Adobe Flash! This course from Incredible Tutorials explains the game design process from planning to execution. Build valuable skills, including file organization, XML document prep, and ActionScript coding. Get your mobile game market-ready with testing and debugging, and then it’s time to publish! Finish by exporting the game as an iOS or Android app. Packed with user-friendly work files, this course empowers you make your mobile game design dreams a reality!

What you will do in this course:

Set up assets
Organize valuable files
Prep an XML document
Code various aspects of the game in ActionScript 3.0
Debug your game
Prepare your game for publishing

Requirements for this course:

Adobe Flash CS6 or later

Where to Buy:

This course is only available on Curious.  Click the link to check out pricing and instructions.

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