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Flash can be an overwhelming software to learn.  It’s always best to start with the basics and build a strong foundation from there.  This series is designed to walk beginners through the basic workings of Adobe Flash.  From interface navigation, tools, graphic types and basic animation, this series will give you a jump start on becoming a Flash master.  All of this is done at a slow pace and visually demonstrated through example files that you can download and follow along with.  

Please note this series is intended for Flash CS5 or above. Flash CS4 users can still take advantage of most of the series and will be able to open the project files.

What you will do in this course:

Download, install and adjust the Flash interface to your liking
Navigate around the timeline, use layers and adjust Stage properties
Use both raster and vector graphics
Utilize the TLF and Classic Text Tools
Use the different symbol types and access the Library
Execute Classic, Motion and Shape tweening
Use Color Effects, Blend Modes and Filters
Utilize Actions and the Code Snippets Panel

Requirements for this course:

Adobe Flash CS5 or later

Where to Buy:

This course is available on the Curious tutorial platform.  Click here for purchase details.

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