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Audition CC is powerful audio-editing tool used by video and audio professionals alike. This course will show you how to navigate the interface and understand fundamental audio concepts. You will also learn how to import, edit, and enhance audio using the options built-in to the program. Once you have completed this Audition CC video tutorial, you will have the necessary skills to produce high-quality audio projects.  This course also contains downloadable audio files for you to use and follow along with.

What you will do in this course:

Setup your workspace and preferences
Learn basic audio terminology
Use the playback controls
Learn the difference between waveform and spectral display
Work with the waveform editing tools
Apply special effects to your files

Requirements for this course:

Adobe Audition CC (2013) or later

Where to Buy:

This course is only available on Train Simple.  Click the link to check out pricing and instructions.

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