What type of learning content do you offer on this site?

I currently offer premium content for the following subjects: Flash,  Anime Studio Pro and Audition.

Are your tutorials free?

All tutorials and files on Incredible Files cost money.  The sister site, Incredible Tutorials, offers all of it’s streaming video content for free.

How do I pay for the files?

How you pay will depend on the course you are wanting to buy.  Payments are not directly made on Incredible Files.  Instead, all of my content is linked to other vendors, such as Train Simple and Curious.  This ensures you get a quality learning experience through their advanced learning hubs while providing you with top-notch customer service and content.

I purchased content from the old version of the site (or Youtorial).  Where can I find those files?

Unfortunately, since I have now moved all of my content to third party vendors, those courses are no longer available.  The main reason for this is due to the courses becoming outdated with newer software and techniques.  There are a few of these older courses still available on Curious.com, which you will find listed on this site.  Beyond that, please view the new courses I have been releasing through Train Simple.  I think you will find them to be of great help.

Can I get help with the lessons I have purchased?

Yes!  If you need further clarification on a topic in one of my courses, I would be happy to help.  Use the Contact Page to ask a question and I will get back to you within 24 business hours.

Can I hire you?

Definitely!  I am always looking for new vendors to partner with.  If you’d like to discuss details on me authoring for your company, simply go to the Contact Page.