Incredible Files is an online store that grants you access to premium video tutorials and file packs for Adobe Flash, Anime Studio, Adobe Audition and more.  Designed as an offshoot of Incredible Tutorials, which is a service that offers free streaming video tutorials, Incredible Files is meant to give viewers a more in depth learning experience.

Each lesson and file was created by Chad Troftgruben.  Chad is a freelance media designer who has been working with Flash, Anime Studio and other various software for a number of years.  By applying methods used from his cartoon animation background, Chad provides a simplistic yet creative approach to each lesson he teaches.  In 2007 Chad started providing free online video tutorials on Flash and other software.  Since then, his tutorials have been viewed by thousands of people, including entrepreneurs, teachers, students and many others.

The lessons on this site are linked to other vendors.  Details will be provided on each page.